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                                               CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS A-AAA AUTO TRANSPORT, LLC (MC 335189 USDOT 2223911)

1)Customer (“Shipper”) warrants that it is the registered legal owner of the vehicle, or that it has been authorized by the legal owner(s) to enter into this agreement with A-AAA Auto Transport LLC. (“A-AAA”).    

2)By Shipper’s signature or his/her designee’s signature, A-AAA (an Auto Transport Broker) authorizes the scheduled motor carrier physically transporting the vehicle (“Transporter”) and their agents and their employees to operate and transport the vehicle from point of origin to the destination specified in the Bill of Lading.  With all email orders, the email address from where the paperwork is sent shall be considered the signature.      

3)If vehicle is inoperable or customized please inquire as to extra charges.  Shippers looking to transport trucks must notify A-AAA as to the truck’s dimensions and whether it has oversized tires, extended cab, camper shell, toolbox, etc.  If A-AAA is not advised of inoperable, oversized, or customized vehicles prior to pick-up, all extra charges will be added to COD charges at time of delivery.  Such charges are at the discretion of Transporter and are based upon the time and money lost by Transporter.

4)A-AAA and Transporter shall not be liable for the following:

a)    Damage caused by leaking fluids, battery acids, cooling system anti-freeze solution, industrial fallout or damage caused by acts of God.

b)    Damage which is undetectable due to vehicle’s dirty condition at the time of pickup or glass damage caused by normal wear and road use.

c)    Mechanical functions, exhaust assembly, frame, alignment, tire damage, suspension, or tuning of engine.

d)    Any additional terminal or delivery fees sustained as a result of nobody being present or not having the proper payment at the time of delivery.  

e)    Damage to vehicles because: 1)Vehicles cannot be driven on or off the Transporter under its own power;
2) Vehicles that have defective or insufficient brakes, parking brake, or parking gear.
5)After Shipper schedules the vehicle transport with A-AAA, A-AAA will use its best efforts to have the car picked up within the designated schedule and have the vehicle delivered within eight to ten business days.  Because unforeseeable factors such as weather, road conditions, mechanical breakdowns or repairs, etc. could delay pickup and delivery beyond ten business days, A-AAA and Transporter do not guarantee the date or time of delivery and do not compensate for auto rental accruals.

6)Shipper is responsible for preparing the vehicle for transport.  All loose parts, fragile or protruding accessories, low hanging spoilers, antennas, etc. must be removed and properly secured.  Any part of the vehicle that falls off during transport as well as any damages caused by said part to any and all other vehicles involved is the customer’s responsibility.

7)Luggage and personal property must be confined to trunk, with no heavy articles, and not to exceed 100 lbs, and presence of such luggage is at Transporter’s discretion.  Electronics, furniture, firearms, plants, live animals, drugs, chemicals, and alcohol are prohibited from being transported.  Transporter is not liable for personal items left in vehicle or for damage that they have caused.  Any violation of such weight restriction could result in a fine that is at Shipper’s expense and shall be collected at time of delivery.

8)For Hawaii and Alaska moves, absolutely no items are allowed inside vehicle.  Customer must pick up and / or drop off vehicle at closest port in Hawaii or Alaska

9)Shipper agrees to properly note any claimed damage on the Bill of Lading while the Transporter is making the delivery, and to pay the balance of the delivery charges in cash or a cashiers check. Transporter is responsible for damage done to scheduled vehicle while in transit, barring any of the exceptions detailed in A-AAA’s contract (this contract) or in Transporter’s Bill of Lading. In order for the claim to be considered, such damage must be noted on Transporter’s Bill of Lading at time of delivery.  Any claim of damage must be filed with Transporter within 15 days of delivery in writing, specifying the damage claimed, and must be accompanied by two written estimates of repair and photographs of the claimed damage.  

10)Due to varying circumstances, i.e. D.O.T. weight restrictions, steep hills, overhanging branches, narrow/winding streets, cul-de-sacs,  local municipal laws etc., the Transporter on “door-to-door” shipment may have to arrange with Shipper/designee to meet him/her at a legal or safe pick-up or drop-off point as close as possible to the specified delivery address, but at the Transporter’s discretion.

11)Unless the order has been prepaid, the Shipper shall  pay all COD amounts, in cash or cashiers check with  no exceptions.

12)Bill of Lading signed upon pick-up and delivery between Shipper, or its designee, and Transporter supercede all prior contracts.

13)Cancellations will be charged a $100 cancellation fee.  

14)Shipper agrees to indemnify, defend and hold A-AAA harmless for any costs, expenses, damage, losses and claims caused by Shipper’s breach under this agreement and all suits must be carried out in the state of Connecticut.