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These are the terms and conditions for orders placed with ASAP Auto Shipping, Inc.

1. The Deposit for Standard and Enclosed shipments may be paid by Credit Card or through The balance due is paid C.O.D. upon the delivery of your vehicle by the carrier. (C.O.D.: Cash, Money Order or Cashier's Check Only).  Made payable to the driver.

1b.  Full Payment of your shipping cost can be paid in full when placing your order.  You will be charged an additional 5% conveience for this service enhancement.

2. Normal pick up time frames are contingent upon service level. All dates that are given are an approximation. We cannot guarantee exact dates when your vehicle will be picked up or delivered. There are many factors that affect the pick-up and delivery dates (weather, traffic, maintenance, delays, etc.). What we can give you is an approximate time frame. If for some reason, we cannot handle the shipment of your vehicle we guarantee a full refund of all monies after 15 days.

There is a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if we cannot assign a carrier to move your vehicle within 15 business days from the first available pick-up date. Exception: The Speedy Pick up Rate, if we are unable to schedule a pick up for your vehicle within 1-4 business days you can cancel your order and receive a refund of your deposit.  Once the 15 business day period (4 business days for Speedy) is up you have the option to either keep the order open for the transportation of your vehicle(s) or cancel the order. Refunds will be processed within two business days.

3. A $150.00 INOP fee is applied to all vehicles that are non-operational. This fee is included in the price when the non-running vehicle indicator has been selected. If by any chance, the vehicle is non-operational at the time of pick-up and was not first specified, additional fees may be applied.

3a. This term also applies to the type of vehicle selected. Some prices vary depending on the type of vehicle. Upon the pick-up of the vehicle, if the type of vehicle does not match the vehicle specified in your booking, additional fees will be applied. Please confirm selections made carefully.

4. All cancellations must be made in writing. Once a carrier has been assigned for pick-up and transport of the vehicle the deposit will no longer be refundable, as we have handled our obligation of the transportation. Extenuating circumstances for refund may apply on a case-by-case basis.

4b.  If it is discovered that you are working with another broker and your vehicle is posted up with another carrier your order will be cancelled and the $50.00 cancellation fee will be charged.  This practice is prohibited.  Once you are in contract with ASAP Auto Shipping, Inc you may not solicit the move of your vehicle with another broker unless you first cancel with ASAP Auto Shipping, Inc.

5. ASAP Auto Shipping, Inc. and the carrier are not responsible for any personal goods placed in the vehicle.  You are allowed to have 100 lbs or less of clothing, comforters, or books.  Nothing of value.

6. The Carrier transporting the vehicle is fully insured. The carrier is responsible for the vehicle while the vehicle is in their possession. ASAP Auto Shipping, Inc. is not responsible for any damage done to the vehicle. Any insurance claims should be filed with the carrier's insurance company. Usually carrier insurance does not cover any "Act of God" damages. Each claim case is different and should be taken care of with the carriers insurance. Please contact ASAP Auto Shipping, Inc. in the event of any damage so we may assist by providing the proper paperwork to support all viable claims.

7. The transportation of your vehicle is door to door. There will be times when a carrier will not be able to drive to a certain destination and will arrange with the customer to meet at another destination (gas station, grocery store, etc.).

8. Typically carriers will call 4 to 24 hours prior to the pick-up your vehicle. At this time they will arrange the exact location where the vehicle will be picked-up and delivered. If the vehicle is not present at the time the carrier is scheduled to pick-up the vehicle the deposit will not be refunded and will be given to the carrier. At the time that the vehicle is delivered if the appropriate person is not present to pick-up the vehicle, the vehicle will be stored at the owner's expense until a time it can be secured for pick up by the recipient plus any storage fees that may have incurred.

9. There should be a pick-up and delivery inspection done by both the carrier and the person responsible for the vehicle. The carrier will have an inspection sheet that they will have you sign. At this time, you should do the inspection along with the carrier. No one is responsible for damages not noted on a poorly reviewed delivery receipt. These results are considered final upon signature by federal law. Make sure and review vehicle carefully to avoid issue.

10. Customers are responsible for the prep of their vehicle. The carriers are not responsible for any items or parts falling off of your vehicle during the transportation. The vehicle should be shipped with a half a tank of fuel or less.

11. ASAP Auto Shipping, Inc. is an agent for you the customer. We arrange for the transportation of your vehicle (WE do not physically move your vehicle) by finding an appropriate carrier. Our services end when the Carrier is assigned to your order, contacts you regarding pickup and subsequently delivers your vehicle. ASAP Auto Shipping, Inc. is not responsible for rental car fees or storage fees of any kind.

12. The customer agrees that the information given to ASAP Auto Shipping, Inc. is correct. Any information not provided about the vehicle that might affect the transportation will result in additional fees.

13. By signing below you agree to do business solely with ASAP Auto Shipping, Inc for 30 days. Online orders do not require signatures.  By clicking the "I agree to the terms and conditions" and submitting your order you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.  Orders cancelled prior to 15 business days will incur an early cancellation fee of $50.00. Exception: Speedy Rate Orders cancelled prior to 4 business days. (NOTE: It is not the norm for vehicles to sit for 15 business days. Approximate time ranges from 1 to 14 days. This is just a precaution for vehicles off the beaten path or in remote places.)