The jTracker Solution™ is brought to you by the creators of®, the premier online marketplace for auto transport loads nationwide. jTracker is proud to offer a fully integrated way to manage your auto transport business, from receiving leads to dispatching orders — all in one simple, easy-to-use application.

Leads & Quotes

jTracker for Brokers streamlines the process of receiving, quoting and following up on leads — regardless of whether you receive them via phone or email. jTracker can accept leads and detect duplicates from any 3rd party source — even your own website! Each salesperson can easily manage their leads in jTracker. It's fast and simple to price them and send a personalized email. Close more business through our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality that ensures no leads slip through the cracks.

Automated Quoting

Automated Quoting allows you to easily setup pricing that is intricate enough to truly reflect how vehicle shipments are priced. Global editing tools allow you to update all lanes going in or out of a particular state or city, simplifying management of constantly fluctuating prices. Automatically price and send a personalized initial quote email to 80% of incoming leads. The increased speed of response time has been proven to increase closure rates.


Transform your quotes into orders with the click of a mouse, or let your customers place their orders using the link you send them with their quote. Manage your orders by accepting payments, posting to, and dispatching to carriers — all without having to retype pickup and delivery information! Impress customers by knowing them intimately. Customer Notes, Internal Notes, and Notes to Carriers help you to always be on top of each detail.


Maintain your carrier list and create dispatch sheets automatically from your orders. Keep detailed information about your carriers including an internal rating system and insurance expiration. Search your carrier list with just a few keystrokes.

Shippers & Terminals

Keep a list of the shippers and terminals with which you do business. Easily update and search the list. Creating an order for a repeat customer is incredibly fast as you click on a drop down to select the shipper, as well as pickup and delivery locations.


Reports allow you to obtain carrier and customer current balances, view sales activity by salesperson or lead source, get an "estimated load dates" report, and see all active orders and their status. Our QuickBooks report allows you to export Customer, Vendor and Item information saving the need for time consuming double entry.


Manage users by providing them with a password and assigning them individual privileges such as whether or not they can access repeat customers, view lead sources, view just their leads or all leads, quotes and orders. You can also restrict login ability to certain days and times.

Preferences provides you with a number of ways to customize your account. These include:

  • Email — Customize your automated emails for quotes, quote follow-ups, order confirmation, payment confirmation, and confirmation of dispatched orders.
  • Dispatch Sheet — Create your own dispatch terms & conditions.
  • Credit Card Payments — Update your credit card payment gateway to allow your customers' credit card charges to be processed via
  • Leads — Add a new lead source with just a few keystrokes.
  • Set Default Values — Set default values for such things as required deposit amounts and number of days until a quote expires.