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  • Yes! With the click of a button, you can post or remove your vehicles from centraldispatch.com, you can also dispatch your vehicles to carriers, and manage all of your carrier relationships.
    Note: jTracker is an add-on package for Central Dispatch, not a replacement for Central Dispatch. You must maintain a Central Dispatch account to use jTracker.
  • Yes. We have taken considerable precautions to protect your data. We run jTracker.com on servers with redundant hard drives, state-of-the-art firewall protection, and 24-hour monitoring. All accounts are password protected. Additionally, we use SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) technology to transmit your data in an encrypted form.
  • Yes. With jTracker.com, you can assign leads to any number of different sales people, even if they are in different locations. You can also assign more leads to your better-performing sales people! Set your lead assignment preferences just once and your leads are assigned automatically.
  • Yes. We use the latest technology to read email leads from any source and put them into a format that is easily viewable by you. If you have a lead source that we currently cannot read, we will install the reader for you, usually within minutes.
  • Our dedicated team is ready to respond to any suggestion or need you may have. With your help, we will update jTracker.com with new features regularly.
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